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10 Kg tumor removed

10 Kg tumor removed to give 50 year old women a new lease of life 10kg tumor removed sims chennai
Chennai, August 07, 2015: A team of doctors from SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani Chennai successfully removed a 10 kg tumor the size of a football from Ms. Rajam Sivaraman, a 50 year-old women from Chennai. The doctors performed a rare cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) procedure to remove the rare tumor. This unique procedure is directed towards patients who have a significant disease load involving multiple regions in the abdominal cavity during initial presentation.

Ms. Rajam Sivaraman was hospitalized with severe pain in the abdomen and distention. The team of doctors from Department of Surgical Oncology headed by Dr. Rajasundaram.Sdiagnosed that a giant mass was present in the abdominal cavity, which was filled with around 10 litres of jelly like material. The tumour was seen arising from the Ovaries and Appendix. It posed a significant challenge to the surgical team, owing to the sheer size of the tumour and the amount of discomfort the patient initially presented with.

Speaking on the surgery Dr. Rajasundaram.S, Director & Senior Consultant - Surgical Oncology, SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani said “The tumor weighing about 10 kg had secreted a lot of jelly like material which had engulfed the entire abdomen and caused significant breathlessness to the patient. After careful evaluation, we decided to offer the patient CRS with HIPEC. This state of the art procedure consists of meticulously removing diseased portions in the abdominal cavity including peritonectomy followed by instilling and circulating heated chemotherapeutic agents during surgery itself that has maximum effect to control the tumour cells. This procedure results in prolonged survival in abdominal cancer patients. The surgery was performed for 10 hours and the patient is ready to go home to enjoy good health in a week’s time.”

“I came with a lot of pain and now I am pain free. I would like to thank the medical team at SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani for saving my life and helping me to live a pain and cancer free life” said an emotional Ms. Rajam Sivaraman.

About SRM Group: SRM Group well-known for their educational forays as part of their growth, the Group has now started SIMS a 345-bed corporate hospital at Vadapalani, Chennai which has the complete spectrum of Medical Services. Each Institute has all relevant sub specialties under its fold. For further information please contact,S. Vasanth Kumar Philip,Sr. Manager – Brand Communication, SRM Institutes of Medical Science, Ph: +91 9840064530

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