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S.Sruuthi’s PSBB School


On Friday 4th September 2015, at 3.30 PM S. Sruuthi’s PSBB School Music Teachers Padmashri & Ammu Madam, had called Father of S. Sruuthi on his cell phone and asked S. Sruuthi to be taken straight to Prasad Studios for Music Maestro Ilayaraja’s song recording by 4 PM.

Little did we least imagine that S. Sruuthi would be asked to sing a full length Children’s song that too in an un-known “Kannada Language” although she had sung songs like “Baghiyadha lakshmi bhaarama” in Kannada and several songs of Saint Thyagarajar Annamacharyar’s krithis in Telugu, Marati Bajans and in other languages. The Director had explained the meaning of Bhombay mean Toy, Jinkue mean breeze, etc.

As the song rehearsals for 2 songs were going on right under the nose of Ilayaraja , the Director of this film titled “RAJU’S MEDAL” asked the S. SHIVPPRASADH and his wife Rama after coming to know that we are S. Sruuthi’s parents as to whether we would permit her to act the main role in that children Film. When asked about the film subject the director Ms. NANDITHA said it was a pure children’s film aimed at “eradicating child marriage”.

Striking memories came flashing to me “As based on a detailed interview published in The Hindu by the then Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu Mr. N. Ram with the then Hon’ble president of India Smt. Prathiba Devi Singh Patel” on various social evils ‘Eradication of Child Marriage’ was topping as one among them and the slogan coined and highlighted by The then President was “One Child Marriage has ten Ill effects”.

Based on The Hindu’s publication S. Sruuthi started propagating on the Evils of Child Marriage through Fancy dress that enabled her to have a personal meeting with the Then Hon’ble President on 21.03.2009 at VIP Ceremonial lounge of Madras Old Airport.

Director Ms. Nanditha who had done a photo shoot of S. Sruuthi in nativity costume and made her act with Kannada dialogues delivery was fully impressed and approved to cast her in this film as a victim of child marriage but parents yet to decide as her drama date on 01.10.2015 seem to clash with her film shooting dates. However they have promised to adjust the same and if done so she will be fruitfully using her holidays from 19.09.2015 to shoot for the film at Thirthahalli near Shimoga where ‘Malgudi Days’ were shot along with artists like Prakashraj, etc from 24.09.2015 with a gap of 3 days for her drama rehearsals.

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Arcot Road Talk 06 09 2015

Arcot Road Talk 06 09 2015 e-paper Arcot Road Talk 06 09 2015 online version Read & Share

Arcot road talk-e-paper-06-09-15 from Local NewsPaper Chennai
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Pillar times e-paper 06 09 2015

Pillar times e-paper 06-09-2015 Pillar times e-paper 06-09-2015 circulated at selected areas of T.Nagar, Mambalam, Ashok Nagar, K.K.Nagar.

Pillar times e-paper 06-09-2015 from Local NewsPaper Chennai
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Samksrit for Samanya

Samksrit for Samanya

‘Samksrit for Samanya’, a first-of-its kind 3-day conference on and about Sanskrit language for laymen and Sanskrit lovers to create awareness about its richness and enhance Sanskrit learning experience is being held in Chennai on 11th, 12th and 13th September 2015 by Meenakshi College for Women (Chennai), Vivekananda Educational Society, SASTRA University (Tanjore) and Samskrita Bharati.

samksrit-for-samanya-conference-about-sanskrit-language Samskrita Bharati conducting a 3-day MahaSammelanam - a conference cum exhibition with the global theme of ‘Samskrit for Samanya ‘on the 11th, 12th and 13th September 2015. There are many pioneering attempts featuring these events.

Popular personalities from a wide spectrum - writers, scientists, industrialists, politicians, musicians, medicine, public speakers, journalists and media team, academicians, bureaucrats, are sharing a dais on the common platform of ‘Samskrit’.

There will be plenary sessions on different themes on all the three days followed by various events covering art, culture, science and philosophy. The plenary sessions will be presided over by noted personalities and field specialists.

Date Plenary Session Theme

11-09-2015 JeevaneSamskritam 12-09-2015 SamskriteVijnaanam 13-09-2015 Samskritam and Tamizh Some of the highlights from this MahaSammelanam include:

• Seminars and lectures by graduate and post-graduate students as parallel events

• An integrated ‘Science Samskrit’ exhibition with multi-media presentations

• Apart from the regular Cultural programs selected cultural events from Samskrutosva 2015 will be showcased during this event

• A grand book-exhibition of 40 Stalls exclusively showcasing ancient & trending Samskrit books by popular publishers from across the country

• New book releases published by Samskrita Bharati, Chennai

• Prize distribution for the winning school students from Samskrutosva that took place in DG Vaishnava college on August 8, 2015

• Live presentations by Aurveda College and Sastra University students

• Expected foot-fall in tens of thousands

Samskrita Bharati invite Samskrita-enthusiasts to participate in the deliberations as delegates. Samskrita Bharati look forward all your participation in this grand Samskrit event and give widest possible pre-publicity and widest coverage on this event across all Sanskrit lovers during and after the event.

History of Samskrita Baharati

• Started in 1981 by a group of graduating students out of Tirupati University

• Founding members – Sri Chammu Krishna Shastry and Sri Janardhana Hegde

• Founding members came up with a unique methodology to teach Sanskrit that makes it easy to learn and speak the language with 20 hours of classes

• First classes were conducted in Bangalore

• It is registered as a Trust and also under Section 12A of IT Act.

• The Movement, called “Speak Samskrit Movement”, started in 1981 in Bangalore and it was later named and registered as “Samskrita Bharati” in 1995 in Delhi.

• Taught a group of MPs (members of parliament in 1984) including Advani, Balram Jakhar, etc

• In 1993 1008 classes were conducted in New Delhi, Varanasi, Chennai

• Samskrita Bharati is a movement for the development of Samskrit language, literature and mankind.

• Samskrita Bharati is an organization of dedicated volunteers

• Its activities are spread to more than 2000 places all over the country and 29 countries all over the world

• The benefits of Samskrita Bharati’s activities go to all, irrespective of caste, gender, region and the religion.

• All India office is in Delhi. State offices are in State capitals. There are Working Committees at All India, State, District and Local level.

Samskrita Bharati Current Projects • Samskrita Bharati Conducts 10 – day (or 20 hour equivalent) Spoken Sanskrit classes all over the world using our proven methodology

• Student Residential Camps - Intense Samskrit classes that offer students immersion in Sanskrit language

• Samskrita Correspondence Course - The correspondence courses are offered in eight languages including Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam and have 4 different levels

• SAFL – Samskrit as a foreign language is offered to high school students in the US. Sanskrit is offered as a second language in American high schools for the very first time

• Bhaashaa Vyutpatti Yojanaa - This is to train young and potential students in correct, standard and good usage of Samskrutam. This is one year residential training after post graduation.

• Samvaada shaalaa - A Samvad Shala in Delhi has been established for those who want to speak Sanskrit fluently. Such people can come to Samvad Shala for a 14 days residential training. People from all states excluding Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Pondechery have taken part in the Samvad Shala. Participants from 18 countries including USA, Russia, China, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Poland, Ireland, Ukraine, Trinidad, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Bhutan have participated in it.

• Bhaaratii Koshah - This is an effort to create Sanskrit Dictionaries for various languages and keep the dictionaries current

• Sarasvatii Sevaa Yojanaa - Sarasvati Sewa Yojana’s goal is to translate important books into Sanskrit and the translation work of over 1000 books from various languages have been completed

• Vaarshikam Sammelanam - A yearly conference of Sanskrit enthusiasts from all over the world

• Sambhashana Sandesh - Publish a bi-monthly Sanskrit magazine, probably the only such magazine published from Bengaluru with circulation throughout the country including 29 countries of the world

• Naipunya vargaah - Specialised training of students in certain specific fields of Sanskrit

• Sanskrit Wikipedia - Sanskrit Wikipedia has a collaboration with Samskrita Bharati. The collaboration efforts started in the Wikipedia Academy organized in Bangalore on Jan 23, 2010. That Wikipedia Academy was also the first in India. There are over 50 Sanskrita Bharathi participants at the Academy.

For more details about the MahaSammelanam conference, contact: Mr Sriram, Organizing Secretary,Samskrita Bharati – Uttara Tamilnadu .

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*What is prostate ?

prostate It is a gland in the male genito-urinary tract located below the bladder and surrounding the urethra. The main function of the prostate is to produce fluid that transports sperms. BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) BPH is enlargement of the prostate gland, which occurs with increasing age. It can cause a blockade to the passage of urine.

*What are the symptoms?

• Frequent urination • Slow stream • Straining to void • Inability to control urine • Pain during urination

*Diagnosis :

• Clinical examination • USG-To detect size of the prostate • Uroflowmetry - to assess flow of urine


• Medications to ease the flow of urine (initial stages) • Endoscopic surgeries through the urinary passage (TURP) with recent laser prostatic surgeries Cancer of the Prostate: Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men Symptoms can simulate those of BPH. A simple blood test like serum PSA maybe used as a screening test for detection.


Early stages of cancer Prostate are amendable to cure. The treatment involves complete removal of prostate with open, laparoscopic and more advanced Robotic prostatic surgeries with minimal complications.

The Author *Dr.Muthuveeramani V Head & Senior Consultant - Urology SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani

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