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Bangkok to Pillar with Gold Medal

Bangkok to Pillar with Gold Medal

International Roller Skating Championship

Master C. K. Sai Naren, participated in the Open International Roller Skating Championship held on 27 Dec 28 Dec at Bangkok, Thailand and bagged 1 Gold Medal and 1 Silver Medal with Individual Championship, and he was the first Quad Skater in under 6 yrs category participated from Tamil Nadu.

Sai Naren is learning skating for the past 3 years at Spunk Roller Skating Club, K. K. Nagar. He is located at is AP 289, New No. 14, 8th Sector, 41st Street, K. K. Nagar, Chennai-78 Can be reached at 9444448997, 9380139869.

Father of Sai Naren , Mr.N. Karthik a daily wages cook appealed for sponsorship for his son to participate in the upcoming event.

04.01.2015. 19:34

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