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*What is prostate ?

prostate It is a gland in the male genito-urinary tract located below the bladder and surrounding the urethra. The main function of the prostate is to produce fluid that transports sperms. BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) BPH is enlargement of the prostate gland, which occurs with increasing age. It can cause a blockade to the passage of urine.

*What are the symptoms?

• Frequent urination • Slow stream • Straining to void • Inability to control urine • Pain during urination

*Diagnosis :

• Clinical examination • USG-To detect size of the prostate • Uroflowmetry - to assess flow of urine


• Medications to ease the flow of urine (initial stages) • Endoscopic surgeries through the urinary passage (TURP) with recent laser prostatic surgeries Cancer of the Prostate: Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men Symptoms can simulate those of BPH. A simple blood test like serum PSA maybe used as a screening test for detection.


Early stages of cancer Prostate are amendable to cure. The treatment involves complete removal of prostate with open, laparoscopic and more advanced Robotic prostatic surgeries with minimal complications.

The Author *Dr.Muthuveeramani V Head & Senior Consultant - Urology SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani

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GO- GIRL- GO, the ultimate female urination device launched

Chennai, August 2015: GO GIRL GO is a newly launched stand and pee female urination device. Made out of disposable and ecofriendly material, it is easily portable and helps women to urinate discreetly and tidily in the standing position. It is the ultimate answer to the bane of the working and traveling woman.

Unhygienic and dirty toilets are the order of the day and cause much frustration among women. This invariably demands that they hold back and wait till they are in the comfort of their own homes. Holding back of urine is known to cause multiple medical complications. Go Girl Go is the solution to these problems as it takes away the stress of having to come into contact with dirty toilet seats!

It also offers a unique solution to women who have difficulty sitting or squatting due to pregnancy, surgery, or other medical conditions like arthritis. Go Girl Go has also made the task of peeing into small cup or bag for medical tests much easier. Go Girl Go could well form a part of essential supplies in hospitals and clinics. Go Girl Go can be carried discreetly because it is petite and compact. As it is pocket sized, it can fit snugly into a handbag or purse. Go Girl Go is available online at Rs.80 per pack containing 5 pieces. Visit www.gogirlgo.in and get yours!

For women, by women:

The story of GO-GIRL-GO is really the story of Krithika Bala and Lakshmi Venkatesan, over coffee, pondering over the myriad of practical problems that women face today! In the course of this conversation they realized that there could be such a simple solution to problems faced where public toilets are concerned! Why must all women go through such an ordeal just to relieve themselves? So they didn’t just stop there… talking and lamenting and considering various solutions! They went all out and decided to make it happen for all the women out there! For more information call: +919791154954

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Breast feeding week 1st to 7th august

Breast feeding and work, lets make it work!

Breast feeding is the most important source of nutrition in the first 6 months, and should be the only source of nutrition. All the vitamins, minerals, and fluid intake that are required in the first 6 months of life are present in this milk. The biggest problem for mothers of this working generation, however, is how to administer this milk. As more and more importance is being put on career, and as women need to compete with men daily in the work place, they are not able to get enough leave or time to give enough importance to breast feeding. Also, in India, maternity leave is not available as it is in other countries in this generation, and enough breaks arent given for the mother to be able to feed the child while working simultaneously.Balancing work and family life including breastfeeding is increasingly necessary for womens right and a strong healthy and vibrant workforce. Is there a way to focus on both? Yes we can………

Breast feeding week 1st to 7th august

Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace!!!!!!!!!!!.Few simple steps  can be implemented for making this to happen.Few are:1).Discuss the breastfeeding requirements with the employer before maternity leave itself.2).Arrange a hygienic and private place for the mothers to breastfeed the baby at workplace or express breastmilk for the baby .Arrange a proper , hygienic  store place for storing the expressed milk.3). Day care facilities like crèche with caretakers can be set up in workplaces.4).Breast feeding breaks should be permitted in workplaces. Part time or flexible working arrangements can be made.

Our hospital , which is very easily accessible has state of art neonatal and pediatric intensive care and baby friendly pediatric wards .In view of empowering women , our hospital  helps working mothers to breastfeed during their working period. Our goal may be to give multidimensional support from all sectors to enable women everywhere to work and breastfeed safely and adequately. From today onwards together we will follow the   theme BREASTFEEDING AND WORK , LETS MAKE IT WORK!!!

For More Details Contact: 044 - 2000 2001

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Cancer detection camp

Cancer Detection Camp

Cancer detection Camp

Apporva Women's Association located at Thulasi Apartments, Kuppusamy Street, T. Nagar and RMD Pain and Palliative Care Trust, a registered organization headed by Dr. Republica Sridhar located in T. Nagar, Chennai jointly conducted cancer detection camp at Vengal Village in Periyapalayam recently.

The team doctors from RMD Trust led by Dr. Meenakshmi examined the patients at the camp spot and also done the door-to-door interaction with villagers to create awareness of cancer disease and palliative care.

Radha Krishnamoorthy, President, Apporva Women Association said that members visited nutrition noon meal centre and met self-help group members conducted health hygienic awareness among the villagers.

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Is Your Gum Healthy?

Is Your Gingiva (Gum) Healthy? Gum (gingiva) is a part of soft tissue in the mouth that covers the neck of the tooth. Gum diseases range from simple gum inflammation to serious disease ..


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HOW SAFE IS SPINE SURGERY TODAY SAFETY IN SPINE SURGERY Spinal disorders have been recognized as early as 1500 BC. Treatment of spinal disorders has evolved through various phases since then to the present day advanced interventions on the Spine. MORE

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