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VGP Launch Pressrelease

VGP Launch Pressrelease

Something New for Everyone, Meet a whole new kingdom At VGP Universal Kingdom

VGP Universal Kingdom is endowed with a number of exhilarating rides and exciting facilities, like Rollercoaster, Dashing Car, Go- Kart, Water Chute, Jungle car, Balloon Racer, Flying Carpet, Top Gun, Wave Swinger, Tele Combat, Enterprise and VGP Aqua Kingdom Water Park the finest coolest attraction - with beautiful ambience, designed by an Australian Architect to fully refresh, rejuvenate and experience the big Wave pool, Lazy River, Rain Dance, Tornado Slide and more “n” more rides amidst the water.

The world famous Statue man, thrilling and exciting rides, a refreshing water park, inviting restaurants, horror house, green gardens, blue beach, add to that a new Kingdom under the reign of a new Raja.
With variety of entertainment options for all age groups, VGP Universal Kingdom offers new experiences. Now, it will continue to do that in a colourful, new avatar. The theme park now sports a royal look befitting a fantasy kingdom. It has a new Raja and an army of entertainers to welcome the visitors, in other words, ‘royal guests’.

The 44.5-acre land of fun, now made special with a new Raja, allows kids to feed and pet little animals and birds at the petting zoo. At Universal Kingdom, they also get to meet new kids and enjoy rides that are never found in neighbourhood parks. Youngsters, in the company of their friends, can experience some of the thrilling new rides. Families can feast on the Godzilla dosa and other specialities in a new setting. Elderly folks can have a relaxed time with their family at the beach and at the many lush green lawns.

VGP Universal Kingdom will soon introduce new rides and special attractions. And with every new addition, it will expand its magical kingdom to be the one-stop destination for family entertainment and offer something new for everyone!

VGP is not just an entertainment arena but also has several facets of cultural value intricately carved pillars and frescoes depicting the great bygone eras of Tamil History and Chola Kingdom. This is a cultural highlight which must cannot be missed at any cost.

Another stellar attraction is the statue man who is true to his character and remains immobile, the challenge is to make him move, bat an eyelid and the prize is yours.

Extensive food court is inlaid within the premises, where tantalizing aroma will definitely seduce your taste buds. The Restaurant serves delectable fare of chat- the fast food stall serves all other Indian fares including 8 ft dosa.

25.01.2015. 21:28

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