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VGP Launch

VGP Launch Pressrelease

VGP Launch Pressrelease

Something New for Everyone, Meet a whole new kingdom At VGP Universal Kingdom

VGP Universal Kingdom is endowed with a number of exhilarating rides and exciting facilities, like Rollercoaster, Dashing Car, Go- Kart, Water Chute, Jungle car, Balloon Racer, Flying Carpet, Top Gun, Wave Swinger, Tele Combat, Enterprise and VGP Aqua Kingdom Water Park the finest coolest attraction - with beautiful ambience, designed by an Australian Architect to fully refresh, rejuvenate and experience the big Wave pool, Lazy River, Rain Dance, Tornado Slide and more “n” more rides amidst the water.

The world famous Statue man, thrilling and exciting rides, a refreshing water park, inviting restaurants, horror house, green gardens, blue beach, add to that a new Kingdom under the reign of a new Raja.
With variety of entertainment options for all age groups, VGP Universal Kingdom offers new experiences. Now, it will continue to do that in a colourful, new avatar. The theme park now sports a royal look befitting a fantasy kingdom. It has a new Raja and an army of entertainers to welcome the visitors, in other words, ‘royal guests’.

The 44.5-acre land of fun, now made special with a new Raja, allows kids to feed and pet little animals and birds at the petting zoo. At Universal Kingdom, they also get to meet new kids and enjoy rides that are never found in neighbourhood parks. Youngsters, in the company of their friends, can experience some of the thrilling new rides. Families can feast on the Godzilla dosa and other specialities in a new setting. Elderly folks can have a relaxed time with their family at the beach and at the many lush green lawns.

VGP Universal Kingdom will soon introduce new rides and special attractions. And with every new addition, it will expand its magical kingdom to be the one-stop destination for family entertainment and offer something new for everyone!

VGP is not just an entertainment arena but also has several facets of cultural value intricately carved pillars and frescoes depicting the great bygone eras of Tamil History and Chola Kingdom. This is a cultural highlight which must cannot be missed at any cost.

Another stellar attraction is the statue man who is true to his character and remains immobile, the challenge is to make him move, bat an eyelid and the prize is yours.

Extensive food court is inlaid within the premises, where tantalizing aroma will definitely seduce your taste buds. The Restaurant serves delectable fare of chat- the fast food stall serves all other Indian fares including 8 ft dosa.

25.01.2015. 21:28

Vocational excellence award

Vocational excellence award

Vocational excellence award

Dr. Vasumathy Vedantham, Medical director, Radhatri Nethralaya (12, Hindi Prachara Sabha street, T. Nagar) was presented the "Vocational Excellence" Award by the Inner Wheel of district 323 at their district conference Sandesh on 22nd Jan 2015. The award was for her excellence in the treatment of preterm babies with the blinding disorder Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) and her pet project "Balanethra: Tender Vision" that aims at free laser surgery of infants with ROP belonging to the lower socio economic class.

The club also donated Rs.50,000 for Gurupriya Vision Charitable Trust in presence of Dr. Rashi Sharma ,Association President, Swarnalatha Jothi ,District Chairman, Kamala Alagappan ,Conference Chairman,, Jayalaksmi Suryanarayanan Conference Secretary, Jyoti Agarwal,Conference and I.S.A.K. Nazar Rotary District Governor 3230.

Dr. Vasumathy has the distinction of being the alumnus of premier institutions such as Madras Medical College & RIO-GOH, Chennai where she completed her M.B.B.S & M.S Ophthalmology, L.V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), Hyderabad, where she did her vitreo retinal fellowship and Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai where she worked as a retina consultant for five years and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London where she did her fellowship in paediatric retina and Electrophysiology.

She is a member of All India Ophthalmologic Society (AIOS), Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association (TNOA), Andhra Pradesh State Ophthalmic Society (APSOS) and is a Governing council member of the vitreoretinal society of India.

She has a distinguished academic record with fifteen gold medals including the best outgoing medical student for M.B.B.S and M.S Ophthalmology and the prestigious Rakesh Sharma memorial award conferred by All India Ophthalmologic Society (AIOS) for best work in ocular trauma in India in 2005 and 46 publications in peer reviewed national and international journals and several presentations in conferences and symposia.

Her area of expertise is endophthalmitis, electrophysiology, paediatric retinal disorders, especially Retinopathy of prematurity and ocular trauma. She has recently been conferred with the Hanumantha Reddy Award for the best work done in pediatric ophthalmology in India. The award recognizes her exemplary work on eye infections in children. She is a member of Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, having topped the FRCS examination in 1999.

She has been carrying out free screening and treatment of preterm infants for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP, a blinding disorder) over the past eight years in IOG, two years in RSRM , Stanley and in KMC. She has received the prestigious Chetpet Balakrishnan Baskaran oration awarded by IMA Tamilnadu state and best social service award by Women’s Entrepreneurs Welfare Association (WEWA). She has received the annual ophthalmology oration and gold medal from IMA Tambaram and Deccan Dhanvantri award by Sukar Markendeya Medical Research Foundation in 2014. She has been recognized as one of the top 20 women ophthalmologists in India by the Ophthalmology world report.

More details Please Contact: 044-24332229, 24311550, 9445438681.

25.01.2015. 21:25

Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri anoints his successor

Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri anoints his successor

sri kuppa venkateshwara prasada sharma

Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham Sringeri, Karnataka:
jagadguru shankaracharya of sringeri anoints his successor
Sri Adi Shankaracharya, India’s greatest philosopher-saint who revived Sanatana Dharma (or Hinduism as it is called today) and the Upanishadic philosophy of Vedanta,established His first (of four) and foremost center of learning — Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham at Sringeri — in the 8th century CE. Friday, on January 23, 2015, continuing this unbroken Guru-Shisya lineage that stretches directly back to Sri Adi Shankaracharya, the 36th Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji anointed His successor.

dakshinamnaya sri sharada peetham sringeri
In a traditional ceremony, the Jagadguru initiated Brahmachari Sri Kuppa Venkateshwara Prasada Sharma into Sannyasa and bestowed upon him the Yoga Patta (monastic name)of Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati.
dakshinamnaya sri sharada peetham sringeri Over 40,000 people from all corners of the country and abroad, descended upon the sacred town of Sringeri to witness this rare event. Several dignitaries from all walks of life also attended this occasion.

dakshinamnaya sri sharada peetham sringeri The elaborate Shishya-Sweekara ceremony began on Jan 22. The successordesignate,Brahmachari, performed Homas, fasted all day and stayed awake throughout the night.

dakshinamnaya sri sharada peetham sringeri Friday, the ceremony began at 7:30AM with the Brahmachari performing the Purusha Sookta Homa and Virajaa Homa at the Samadhi Shrines of the previous Jagadgurus. At 9AM the Brahmachari proceeded to the banks of the Tunga river and performed Preshochaarana and Sarva-bhoota-abhaya Pradhana — signifying a vow of non-violence towards all beings. He then discarded his clothes, sacred thread and tuft. As he rose from the Tunga river, Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji blessed Him with Kashya Vasthram (saffron monastic robes), Dandam and Kamandalu. The Guru and Shishya Swamiji then proceeded to the Samadhi Shrine of Jagadguru Sri Sri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha Mahaswamiji.

There, as per the ancient tradition established by Sri Shankaracharya, the Jagadguru then gave the Shisya Swamiji the Pranava Upadesha and Mahavakhya Upadesha.

Thereafter, the Jagadguru and the Shisya Swamiji crossed the Tunga river and proceeded towards the Goddess Sharada Temple. Then, the Shisya Swamiji performed the Paryanka Shaucha ceremony on the northern side of the river. After completing this ceremony, He entered the Goddess Sharada temple. It may be remembered here that when establishing this Peetham about 1200 years ago in Sringeri, Sri Adi Shankaracharya consecrated the idol of Goddess Sharada (the Goddess of Learning and Knowledge) and invoked Her divine presence and blessings to ever preside over this Peetham. Since then, the Jagadguru Shankaracharyas of Sringeri have always announced their successor only after Goddess Sharada’s divinely ordained-will is revealed to them. So, the Yoga Patta bestowment ceremony is aptly held in the presence of the divine Mother, Goddess Sharada.

At the temple, the Jagadguru seated the Shishya Swamiji on the Vyaakhyaana Simhasana (throne of Transcendental Wisdom), placed a Saligrama on His head and worshipped it. Jagadguru then blessed Him with the Yogapatta of Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati.

Afterwards, the Jagadguru adorned the Vyaakhyaana Simhasana and the Shishya Swamiji performed Puja to the Lotus Feet of the Jagadguru. Thereafter, both Sri Mahasannidhanam and Sri Sannidhanam had Darshan of Goddess Sharada and accepted a collective offering from the devotees. Representatives from various state governments, important temples, Mathadipathis and erstwhile Maharajas also submitted their offerings.

Sri Mahasannidhanam and Sri Sannidhanam then emerged from the Goddess Sharada Temple to bless an over joyous and overflowing crowd of devotees, and had Darshan at all the temples of the Math. Later, they returned to Narasimha Vana on the southern side of the river.

The evening programmes begined with a Sabha where Sri Mahasannidhanam and Sri Sannidhanam to grace the devotees with a Anugraha Bhashanam (Dharmic discourse). Many dignitaries and Mathadipathis attended this programme.

Thereafter, at about 9 PM, the “Pallaki Utsava” of Sri Mahasannidhanam and SriSannidhanam had taken place.

For More Information Contact : Gurusevadhurina Padmasri Awardee Dr. V.R. Gowrishankar CEO, Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri Telephone. +91 8265 250123


24.01.2015. 23:49

Actress Trisha And Varun Engaged

Actress Trisha And Varun Engaged

Trisha events
trisha varun manian engagement
After a decade long career as a heroine, star heroine most of the time, Trisha has finally decided to settle down in life.
Trisha actress wedding

trisha varun manian engage
Trisha Krishnan got engaged to Varun Manian in Chennai on Friday, 23 January. The couple exchanged the rings in a traditional event attended by family and friends.
trisha engagement actress.height=
trisha engagement chennai
trisha got engaged at chennai
trisha varun manian engagement news
trisha varun manian engagement photo
trisah latest reception

Film Actors & Actress greeted Trisha

The ceremony, which was restricted to family members and close friends, was held at the bridegroom's residence. Kamal Haasan, Gauthami, Ramya Krishnan, Mani Ratnam, Suhasini, Sarath Kumar, Radhikaa, AL Vijay, Amala Paul, Siddharth, Jayam Ravi, Ramya Krishnan and others were spotted at the function.
trisha engagement
Trisha and Varun exchanged rings , before they got engaged to each other under tradition Hindu customaries.

Actress Trisha Engagement Gallery

Trisha Marriage News

trisha engagement news
Trisha engagement images
trisha krishnan engagement
Trisha events
Trisha entering engagement hall
Trisha entering hall engagement
trisha engagement gallery trisha engagement gallery img
trisha engagement
trisha actress engagement latest
trisha actress engagement
trisha actress engagement image
actress trisha varun engaged

actress trisha and varun event

24.01.2015. 08:47

Jawahar Engineering College

Jawahar Engineering College

press release Chennai

Events at Jawahar Engineering College

Students, Staff & Parents of all Schools invites Display & Demonstration of “Conceptual Laboratory Products In Science & Technology” to be held at Jawahar Engineering College, Saligramam on 21st,22nd& 23rd Jan 2015 ,10.00am & 4.00pm. All are welcomed.

College is located at: No.54,”Sabarmathi” KK Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Saligramam, Chennai-93

For More Information please Contact: Ph: 044-2376 3281 / 9042027183, Email ID: asnagent@gmail.com

18.01.2015. 16:08

Accident Free Nation Olympic torch

Accident free nation
Road safety Week press release Accident free nation

Safety not a slogan, it's a way of life.

As the beginning of the Road Safety Week, Thozhan wanted to create awareness among people about the safety of their life. They ran nearly 65kms of Relay Run with the Olympic torch all over Chennai. Accident free City Started at 6 30am in Valluvarkottam and Finished at 4pm in Ashok Pillar. Nearly 85 volunteers participated in the Relay Run.
Accident free nation event chennai They had an online registration but with limited entry only. They nominated people only if they followed the traffic rules and who is willing to follow the traffic rules.
Chennai Events They touched North, South, East and West of Chennai. They had a good support from the Police officers.
Accident free nation team The beauty what they say is each and everyone running had to take a pledge stating that Even they have an equal responsibility in these accident because they feel their people aren't educated about traffic rules, and other beauty was even people who haven't registered they started to run with Thozhan to create an awareness.
Olympic torch Chennai Event They kicked off with the Flash Mob (Dhana and Team) and the lamp lit by Seethalakshmi and the torch lit by Mr.Jahir Hussain and ended with an wonderful guest Mr.KALYAN (Personal Secretary of Gandhiji) and they also released the Model Signal from the hands of Kalyanji, which says how a signal should be in India to avoid accidents and to make OUR NATION AN ACCIDENT FREE NATION. Accident Free Olympic Torch We have achieved the 1st step the death rate in chennai has reduced drastically from last year, people willing to join us, please @ Sabarivas - +91 9884966613, Radha Krishnan - +91 9941142188. ---
Accident free road event Accident free nation Personal Secretary of Gandhiji
Secretary of Gandhiji Secretary of Gandhiji
Secretary of Gandhiji

17.01.2015. 22:06

Murali Karthikeyan, the New Grand Master in Chess to represent India globally was felicitated

15 year old Chess Grand Master Murali Karthikeyan honoured at Marrybrown

Murali Karthikeyan, the New Grand Master in Chess who is also the Youngest Grand Master in the country to represent India globally was felicitated in an event at Marrybrown outlet, Luz Church Road. Dignitaries like Mr.Kamalakannan & Director , Vels University, Mr.Aswin Kumar MD , VKM Vidyasagar , Tindivanam, Mr.Vikash Actor, Mr.Cardin Roby - Sr. Manager Marketing , Events and Advertising, MGM Marrybrown India and other representatives from Lotus Chess Academy and Little Raju Chess Academy were present to honor the 15 year old Grand Master. The State Level Children's Chess Tournament will be held on the 17th and 18th of January at Vels University, Pallavaram.

Marrybrown Chennai Press News

Marrybrown India:

Marrybrown, founded in 1981 is a Malaysian-owned restaurant brand that operates and franchises Marrybrown restaurants in 15 countries throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa. With over 400 restaurants, the homegrown fast food chain is currently the worlds largest Halal Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand and the winner of numerous domestic and international awards in the franchising industry. In 1999, the brand entered India through MGM Group as a master franchise, and currently has 48 outlets located across South India with aggressive expansion plans. The halal menu features a wide variety of tasty meals including Crispy Chicken, Delicious Burger, Specialty Wrap, Fish &Chips, Finger Foods, Salads, Fries and a range of Hot and Cold Beverages and Desserts. High quality, lip-smacking food at an affordable cost and hygiene sets these restaurants apart, from the web of fast food courts. Marrybrown owes much of its success to the basic values of sterling QUALITY, stupendous SERVICE, enthralling Environment and a great VALUE for money. For More information please contact
Sreenivasan, Brand-comm, +91 9841109712, sreeni@brand-comm.com

marryrown events Chennai

17.01.2015. 19:38

Lions Club - Clean India Mission

Lions Club - Clean India Mission

Clean India

Clean India Mission lions club

Clean India Lions Club

Clean India Mission was conducted by Lions Club of Golden Park 1TN Medical Unit NCC at Mahabalipural on 9.1.2015.Inagurated by Town Panchayat Chairman. around 400 NCC School and College Cadets activly partcipated in Mahaburam Beach area. Col. K.N. Anbunathan Mohan Dy. Sup. Police, President Ln. Nagarajan, Treasurer Ln. Arul Selvan, and 35 NCC Cadets frm Jawahar Vidyalaya with Chief Officer NCC Vaidyanathan partcipated. For further details pls contact : Ln. Vaidyanathan 9884637477, nccvaidya@yahoo.com

17.01.2015. 19:22

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