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Accident free nation
Road safety Week press release Accident free nation

Safety not a slogan, it's a way of life.

As the beginning of the Road Safety Week, Thozhan wanted to create awareness among people about the safety of their life. They ran nearly 65kms of Relay Run with the Olympic torch all over Chennai. Accident free City Started at 6 30am in Valluvarkottam and Finished at 4pm in Ashok Pillar. Nearly 85 volunteers participated in the Relay Run.
Accident free nation event chennai They had an online registration but with limited entry only. They nominated people only if they followed the traffic rules and who is willing to follow the traffic rules.
Chennai Events They touched North, South, East and West of Chennai. They had a good support from the Police officers.
Accident free nation team The beauty what they say is each and everyone running had to take a pledge stating that Even they have an equal responsibility in these accident because they feel their people aren't educated about traffic rules, and other beauty was even people who haven't registered they started to run with Thozhan to create an awareness.
Olympic torch Chennai Event They kicked off with the Flash Mob (Dhana and Team) and the lamp lit by Seethalakshmi and the torch lit by Mr.Jahir Hussain and ended with an wonderful guest Mr.KALYAN (Personal Secretary of Gandhiji) and they also released the Model Signal from the hands of Kalyanji, which says how a signal should be in India to avoid accidents and to make OUR NATION AN ACCIDENT FREE NATION. Accident Free Olympic Torch We have achieved the 1st step the death rate in chennai has reduced drastically from last year, people willing to join us, please @ Sabarivas - +91 9884966613, Radha Krishnan - +91 9941142188. ---
Accident free road event Accident free nation Personal Secretary of Gandhiji
Secretary of Gandhiji Secretary of Gandhiji
Secretary of Gandhiji

17.01.2015. 22:06

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