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SIOL- Quiz Club Chennai The SIOL QUIZ club is an quizzing organization dedicated to training students in the general knowledge and other related fields. Started in 1985 as a hobby club by the fouder Mr. Muthukumaran, it has grown to be recognized as the only club to provide exclusive Quiz training in the whole of Chennai and Tamilnadu because of his diligent efforts. The students from SIOL have won various quiz competitions year on year. The SIOL hall of fame includes winners of the Young world contest for 7 years in a row, the NDTV Greenathon quiz, 2009, the Chutti Vikatan quiz for three years, the Little Millenium Quiz hosted by VIJAY TV, the puthiya talaimurai Quiz and as the cherry on the icing, the recent children special in the Neengalul Velalam Oru kodi winners were all our students. So what is it that makes SIOL produce such winners. It is the SIOL way of learning. At SIOL learning is fun. Here children are taught not just to remember questions and answers but to learn a reference to each question, this way children can always relate to a concept and remember easily. Also each SIOL class in itself is a competition so students don’t just learn quiz, they also get trained in quizzing through the various innovative rounds at SIOL. quiz club chennai The SIOL has over the years developed a structured way of asking through various rounds which makes learning fun and understandable. These rounds also have various audio visual aspects like rebuses, audio round, visuals which keep the children engaged and attentive through the class hours. Also there are rounds like word search and anagrams which encourage individual participation. These rounds are tried and tested over the years to impart knowledge in the best way that it will reach children. SIOL not only trains children in General Knowledge, but also in vocabulary, speed mathematics and logical reasoning. Apart from all this the children also get to understand their subject concepts in a fun way. As a cherry on the icing the students from SIOL get 10 GK books a month which are very colourful and interesting. This forms as a base for them to prepare on for their classes. The Chennai children just got lucky. The SIOL are beginning classes in Chennai from November and registrations open on Vijayadasami. To learn more visit www.siolchennai.doattend.com.

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