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The Unexplored treasure called “Internet”
The very name “Internet” sounds as though we can catch any publicly available information in the world using that net. Among all the inventions in the world from the dawn of civilization till the late 20thcentury, I feel language is the only one which can be compared to that of Internet. As all the languages evolved through the time for humans to communicate effectively, so does Internet is evolving everyday to share information effectively.
Host and Designs is a Chennai based startup which has taken the initiative of training people on various facets of internet such as basic as sending professional emails to as advanced as Search Engine Optimization. They conduct free workshops every week to people from all walks of life, in order to improve the awareness about internet and its usage. The most common usage of internet among our people other than sending emails is social media such as Facebook. The IMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) estimates India to have about 243 million internet users by June this year. Though this may sound like a lot but people using Internet for constructive purposes such as to do business, apply for jobs, trade stocks, pay bills etc. are very low. Even top business men and women of our city rely heavily on their secretaries to handle their personal online financial transactions, not just because they are busy but they are reluctant to learn those by themselves. All most all the training institutes in Chennai try their best to focus on tapping the readily available student market, since it is them they feel who can join and shell out the fees without any questions asked. Internet is like learning and mastering a new skill which can be done at any point of time in one’s life.
It is a fact that a very few percentage of even internet using population pay their bills online or even check their bank balance online. There is a general illusion or fear among people that it is unsafe to carry out any financial transaction over internet. Once we start understanding the benefits and structure of internet, it will be a great boon and will make our lives a lot easier. Host and Designs believe that Internet is the future of all communications and will be incorporated in all media devices. They conduct regular classes to train businessmen, students, parents, entrepreneur and all others who want to effectively use internet in their day to day activities. They also conduct free workshops on internet security and cyber crime. They help businesses to establish their online presence or to boost their existing online presence.

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