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Malligeshwarer Swamy Temple Maha Kumbhaabishekam

Malligeshwarer Swamy Temple Maha Kumbhaabishekam


Malligeshwarer Swamy temple is situated near Pillar inside the Ashok Nagar Police Training Complex. The Ashtabandhanam Maha Kumbhaabishekam of the temple was on 11th February around 10am. Hundreds of devotees assembled to witness the auspicious event. This was followed by Annadhanam at the Police training ground.

The moolamurthies of the temple is 500 years old and were worshiped by Shri Thobhaaswamy Sidthar. This yogi went to the Vellore Saidhatpet and attained ‘Moksha’ in the year 1850.

Lord Shiva Shri Malligeshwarer , Visalakshi ambika with Vishwanathaswamy, Shri Maheshwari Ambal and Lord Ganapathy are inside the main shrine. Devotees make seven pradakshanams around this powerful shrine for a fruitful prayer. There are also separate shrines for Shri Rama, Shri SathyaNarayana Perumal, Shri Bhaktha Jaya Anjaneyar, Navagrahamurthies, Kalabhairavar and Saneeshwarer. The Maha Shivaratri will also be celebrated in the temple from 17th February 6pm to 18th February 6am.

By our special correspondent: Ashwini

15.02.2015. 11:14

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